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union township fire company is actively recruiting members of all kinds and ages. we are looking for

individuals for both emergency response as well as social/management roles. we provide 24/7 fire,

rescue, and ems services to the community of union township, as well as aiding surrounding communities.

volunteer fire companies provide these services to communities that wouldn't be able to afford a paid fire department. email us for an application.

if you have any questions, feel free to contact our membership committee for answers.


junior firefighters

male and female 14-18 years of age

an essential piece of a fire companies future, these young members will be the future of the fire company. while the amount of

work they can do, the training and knowledge they learn will prepare them for the work as a senior member.

senior firefighters

male and female 18+ years of age

these members can aide an emergency situation in many ways. there are all sorts of skills you can learn to bring to the table.

From firefighting, vehicle extrication, wild fire suppression, medical response, etc. whether your dream is to be the chief, or

just a firefighter, each person available is just as important. no prior knowledge of the fire service is required. we will

be able to provide you with the training and classes to help save lives.

Social members

Male and female any age

although these members are not holding the ax or climbing a ladder, they are equally, if not more important than a firefighter.

social members can hold active positions in the managerial aspect of the fire company. in order to continue to fuel

the fire apparatus, fundraising is the #1 income run the fire company. the firefighters can't possibly raise the funding

without the aide of these members.